FDA approves the first “artificial pancreas”this week

Medtronics has finally got FDA approval for its first “artificial pancreas” this week.The device consists of a closed loop system that continuously measures a diabetic’s glucose levels and delivers the appropriate dose of basal insulin.It is indicated for people aged 14 or older with Type 1 diabetes and is intended to regulate insulin levels with “little to no input” from the patient.The system comprises an insulin pump that is strapped to the patient body, an infusion patch that delivers insulin via catheter from the pump and a sensor that measures glucose levels under the skin and can be worn for 7 days at a time. While the device regulates basal, or background, insulin, users must still manually request bolus insulin at mealtimes.

The system will hit the market in spring next year.



For more details, refer to the original research article on the following link:



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