Feeding your child healthy food will affect more than his weight, it determines how smart and socially skilled he will be

A new study by the University of Pennsylvania in the US, has found that healthy nutrition in preschoolers (children aged 3 year old) determined not only their physical health but also their mental and social development.

For this study, the scientists analyzed a sample of 1,795 children aged 3-year-old and compared their physical health and mental/social development.The social development measured attributes such as  friendliness, extent of verbalization (capacity to express oneself verbally), active social play and exploratory behavior  (the child tendency to want to explore new things in his environment). The researchers found that healthy nutrition was associated with higher social skills and children with this higher social functioning had a higher IQ than their peers eight years later.

This highlights the importance more than ever to provide kids with a varied healthy diet that is rich in vegetables and fruits to cover their vitamins and minerals needs and lean protein sources such as lean beef and poultry and legumes and avoid at all cost processed foods and sugar loaded drinks such as sodas to ensure they grow up into being healthy smart and socially apt adults.


For more details refer to the original research article on the following link




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